Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at UNICEF gala

Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at UNICEF gala Hillary Clinton shows up at UNICEF function Katy Perry was the night’s huge honoree, yet Hillary Clinton got the greatest applause as the previous presidential hopeful gave the pop star a honor from UNICEF at Tuesday’s Snowflake Ball. Clinton, who lost the late race to Donald Trump, gave Perry the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award for her magnanimous endeavors with the association. Her appearance at the occasion was an amaze, and Clinton got a maintained overwhelming applause from the cheering group. She portrayed Perry as somebody who has “the soul and the vitality and the empathy that Audrey Hepburn conveyed to her work from UNICEF.” She included that Perry had the most Twitter adherents, then tongue in cheek included that she “may have some opposition” — an obvious reference to the continually tweeting president-elect. Clinton additionally said Perry’s verses “remind us when you get thumped down to get go down” — bringing about more cheers to emit in the gathering of people. Perry was a major supporter of the Democrat, who won the well known vote, and even crusaded for her. She broke into tears when Clinton shocked her with her appearance at the occasion. In her acknowledgment discourse, Perry credited Clinton for utilizing her voice for more than simply her hits. “Hillary has lit that voice within me, and that light will never go out!” she yelled. “It will get brighter and brighter and brighter. Much obliged to you, Hillary. You inspire me thus a large number of individuals who welcome you for your extraordinary work,” Perry said as the group gave Clinton another applause. Clinton has shown up at an occasion since yielding the race to Trump.

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