NWS surveys 3 Iowa tornadoes

NWS surveys 3 Iowa tornadoes NWS overviews 3 Iowa tornadoes Their discoveries demonstrate that an EF-0 tornado, with a width of 10 yards, touched down for 1.6 miles. The greatest evaluated winds were somewhere around 70 and 75 mph, and the way stretched out from 1 mile southeast of Parkersburg to 1 mile upper east of town. This puts it on the ground for just around 2 minutes. More distant west, in Radcliffe, another EF-0 tornado touched down for 1.1 miles, furthermore had a width of 10 yards. This tornado began in Radcliffe, and lifted 1 mile northwest of town. It was evaluated to be on the ground for near 4 minutes. In Grundy Center, an EF-0 tornado touched down for 2/10 of a mile, only west of town, and was on the ground for around 1 minute. It had an expected twist speed of 70-75 mph, and was 10 yards wide. Head servant County crisis administrator Mitch Nordmeyer says a tornado close Parkersburg pushed a few structures off their establishments. National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Cogil says November tornadoes are abnormal yet not remarkable in Iowa. Benefit information say 41 tornadoes have hit Iowa in November from 1980 through 2015. Nineteen tornadoes were accounted for in the state on Nov. 11 a year ago.

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