$3 14 Pizzas and Other Deals You Can Snag on Pi Day

$3 14 Pizzas and Other Deals You Can Snag on Pi Day $3.14 Pizzas and Other Deals You Can Snag on Pi Day This Tuesday is Pi Day—March 14, or 3.14—a by and large marvelous day in the event that you cherish math or, more probable, rebates on pizza and pie. Pi Day is a festival of the numerical consistent π, the proportion of a hover’s periphery to its breadth, which begins with 3.14 and goes on unendingly. You don’t need to be energetic about geometry to appreciate Pi Day, however. It’s gotten to be convention on this day for eateries and general stores to offer pizzas and different sorts of pies for $3.14 each. Here’s the place to discover the arrangements: Bertucci’s: A little pizza is simply $3.14 when you purchase an extensive block broiler pizza from Pi Day, March 14, through Thursday, March 16. Blast Pizza: Whole pizzas go for $3.14 each on Pi Day at this quick easygoing chain with about 200 areas across the nation. Bojangles: A request of three sweet potato pie baked goods costs $3.14 on Pi Day. Boston Market: Show the coupon that will be posted at BostonMarket.com on Tuesday and you’ll get a free chicken pot pie on Pi Day with the buy of any supper and a drink. Hungry Howie’s: Medium one-fixing pizzas are offering for $3.14 each with the buy of Howie Bread on Tuesday. Enter the code 314DAY when setting orders online to exploit the arrangement, at taking an interest areas as it were. Pieology: Sign up for the chain’s PieLife enrollment program and any decision of Pieology’s adjustable pizzas is valued at $3.14, or over 40% off the typical cost, on Pi Day. Pi Pizzeria: Buy one extensive pizza, and a moment costs $3.14 on Pi Day. Furthermore, there’s an extremely uncommon reward bargain in case you’re a “Pi Baby,” conceived on March 14 — you get a vast pizza absolutely for nothing, no buy required, on Tuesday. Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet: The boundless pizza buffet, which is typically estimated at $5.29 and up for grown-ups, is accessible to all clients for $3.14 each on Tuesday at this chain — which has 29 areas for the most part in the Southeast. Urban Bricks Pizza Co.: This quick easygoing chain’s 24 areas in Texas and Florida are putting forth $3.14 pizzas on Tuesday. Manor Italian Kitchen: Print the connected coupon or show it on your telephone and you’ll get a full-measure Neapolitan cheddar pizza for $3.14 on Pi Day. Entire Foods Market: Save $3.14 off the normal cost of any take-and-prepare pizza, or any huge pie from the pastry kitchen.

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