US Air Force considers dumping undefeated fighter jet

US Air Force considers dumping undefeated fighter jet US Air Force considers dumping undefeated contender fly ir Force commanders drifted resigning several F-15s amid a hearing before the House Armed Services subcommittee a week ago, pitching an arrangement that included supplanting the present armada of fight tried contenders with a redesigned variant of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The arrangement would incorporate supplanting 236 F-15C and D models by plunging into the Air Force’s stock of about 1,200 F-16s. The eventual fate of the F-15E Strike Eagle, which is principally utilized as a part of ground assault missions, was not talked about particularly amid the hearing. While the Boeing-made F-15 is outlined with particular capacities to out-duel contradicting planes in aerial battle, Lockheed Martin’s F-16 is a multi-part flying machine, worked to do an assortment of missions. On the off chance that the F-15 is resigned, Air Force big shots told officials that they would furnish the F-16 with new radar frameworks, preparing it to “serve an indistinguishable capacity from the F-15.” “There are capacities we can include and give the F-16 that will [fill] a crevice as we go into what’s to come. By and large, our preparation and our security of the US will change, however I think generally speaking, we will be OK,” said Lt. Gen. Scott Rice, chief of the Air National Guard. Be that as it may, a few subcommittee individuals communicated worries around whether the F-16 can sufficiently fill the shoes of a strategically specific fly that gloats more than 100 flying triumphs.

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